Unprecedented Advancements

Given the opportunity, most people would change the course of Humanity.

Only a minority are able to, not always for the better.

The founder of this initiative is committed to enabling positive transformations.

Initially developed some time ago, the intended Launch was delayed.

The delay was not directly related, but this resurgence is as a Legacy project.

Consistent are the provisions to enable wide-scale participation.

These can be by individuals and organisations at any level of well-meaning.

The focus is on unprecedented advancements in Life-related issue-resolution.

Whilst seldom identified at this level, their global potentials are invaluable.

The membership objectives are to help to raise their profile.

In that the scope overall is broad, options are being themed.

The aim always being to enable reductions in Life-related issues.

To actively participate, the start-point is to register interest.

To register interest, please Click Here

Other specific start-points include:

Introductions to the overall application: To Explore

To introduce the Founder: Derek Whittall

To introduce the Key providers: The Consultancies


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